Acerbi's Gifts

A dozen instruments that are never in tune.

musical instrument

Anyone who hears music played from the instruments will be displeased with the music’s quality. The music will always be very distracting and anyone hearing it is -15% to all skill checks.


Many a legend has been told about Acerbi and his queer methods. No one knows for sure if the stories about Acerbi hold any truth about an actual man or if they are nothing more than a bunch of stories.

It is told that he was a mighty wizard with a taste for the distasteful. As one legend has it, he got his hands on a variety of instruments. While in his possession, he enchanted them all so that when they are played, they are never in tune. No matter how hard you try re-tuning the instruments, they will never sounds right. According to the legend, Acerbi enjoyed such sounds, and distributed the instruments throughout the land so that others may share in his tastes.

Acerbi's Gifts

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