The Munduko Orb

An alluring orb.


Upon seeing the orb, a saving throw of 9 or better must be made. If the saving throw is failed, the character will feel attracted to the orb and will try to obtain it through normal means (taking it if no one is there, haggling for it, asking for it).

If it is still unobtained two minutes later, make another saving throw. If it is failed, the attempts to get the orb will become more aggressive (yelling, making threats).

If it still hasn’t been obtained two minutes after that, a final saving throw of 9 or better should be made. If this one is failed, the character will go to any length to obtain the orb (attacking, killing, risking themselves).

If the saving throw is successful at any time, or the character obtains the orb, the effects wear off immediately.

If the orb is touched by a character at any time, a saving throw of 15 or higher must be made not to go automatically to the third stage of wanting the orb.

Save versus magic bonuses apply.


The orb is amazingly round and about 3 inches in diameter. It emits a very faint light, and has deep swirls of blue in it’s mostly black body.

The Munduko Orb

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